Tekle Holographics featured on TV Tokyo America

It’s not easy to impress people from Japan, given all the inventions and innovations that have emerged from the Land of the Rising Sun. But we were able to elicit genuine ‘wows’ from interviewer Ishihito Mori when TV Tokyo America visited us at #CES2022. So much so, that they included us in a lengthy feature in their press coverage of the show!

Michel Tzsfaldet showed them around and explained the advantages of using our holographics and how our metaverse portal works. He talked about the way it is socially immersive since you don’t need a bulky headset. This means you can experience the real world as well as the hologram simultaneously, so you can still communicate with others in the same room.

You can watch the video here (it starts at the position that covers Tekle Holographics):