Tekle Holographics joins forces with Nvidia

Exciting news from the Tekle head office! Tekle has become part of the Nvidia Inception Program. This means that Nvidia shares our vision for the future of the internet and the way the metaverse should be experienced: in immersive 3D.

Now that Tekle has joined the program, we will get early access to cutting edge technology which will enable us to further develop our holographics solution. This will accelerate our power to innovate!

Most people know Nvidia as a developer and maker of GPUs or graphics cards. And though it is still a major part of the company, they are investing heavily in innovation around technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This may sound strange, but not if you know that GPUs have some capabilities that make it easier and faster to perform calculations needed for AI. So Nvidia is doing a lot of research into how their technologies can accelerate the way computers handle this kind of processing.

We don’t know how the metaverse will turn out in a few years, but one thing is certain: there will be a lot of AI and visuals involved. For example, to control your avatar. And as you know, we are working very hard to make this experience even better, with an online, holographic version of yourself, instead of an animated figure.

The Inception Program is meant to give startups like us access to technology and tools. This means early betas of hard- and software, technical support but also opportunities to connect with investors. In return, Nvidia gets first-hand knowledge of what is going on in the market and which technologies might be on the verge of a breakthrough.

If you want to see which startups already joined the program, take a look here.

Tekle Holographics and Nvidia, together we will storm the metaverse!